“The United States has no database of police shootings. There is no standardized process by which officers log when they’ve discharged their weapons and why. There is no central infrastructure for handling that information and making it public.” (via We’re Compiling Every Police-Involved Shooting In America. Help Us.)


Summer Winds - {Artist Emily Jeffords}

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Kelsey Brookes, One Pointed Attention, 2014

The latest addition to Murals of La Jolla.

Cap Sante Park, Anacortes

Whidbey hues.

I don’t like saying things are “important,” but this is important. This might be CGP Grey’s best video so far.


Laughlin, NV.  Just got back from a trip to my other house… this place is always epic. 

People silently struggle from all kinds of terrible things. They suffer from depression, ambition, substance abuse, and pretension. They suffer from family tragedy, Ivy-League educations, and self-loathing. They suffer from failing marriages, physical pain, and publishing. The good thing about politeness is that you can treat these people exactly the same. And then wait to see what happens. You don’t have to have an opinion. You don’t need to make a judgment. I know that doesn’t sound like liberation, because we live and work in an opinion-based economy. But it is. Not having an opinion means not having an obligation. And not being obligated is one of the sweetest of life’s riches.

Cy does it again. Glad he’s getting paid for this one too!

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