Tawnya and Journee Stewart paddleboarding in the Snake River Canyon in Twin Falls, Idaho.


Swimming at Yosemite.

Shannon took this a year ago yesterday. I’m sad we couldn’t go to Yosemite this year, but we’ll swim in that valley again someday.

I can run here from our house. I just need to run down a cliff to get to it and climb back up it to get home.


Flag of Shuya, Russia (via The Calvert Journal)

The show isn’t so much a show as it is a chance to collaborate with the Spreckels Pipe Organ located in Balboa Park, San Diego. The pipe organ is a massive, outdoor instrument. I’ve been going to the organ concerts in the park there for years.

A friend of mine got on the board of directors for the Spreckels Organ, and pretty much immediately the conversation turned to, ‘Dude, how are you gonna hook us up and get us in there to play? Can you arrange that?’ So, since February there’s been a dialogue about trying to get this to happen and over the last month or so, things have slowly been edging towards where this is going to be reality.

I reached out to the other guys in the band and everyone was really intrigued and excited to not only play again but to see what this was about. I’m super stoked that everybody in the band has embraced it and I can’t wait to do it.

John Reis on the Drive Like Jehu reunion (via cosmiclaundromat)

We live in this house now.

from western Whidbey
you can see the Milky Way
and Canada glows


best friend

dusdin condren in temp studio,



Truly the best.


Danger Room reports on a Texan Megachurch’s new sermon series:

The sermons begin with a slick video of a drone flying over a city. A live band plays in the background. A huge model drone looms on stage. Smoke billows from underneath it. Young emerges—a grin on his face—to explain his thinking on killer robots.

“Drones are everywhere,” Young says. “They can see things we never thought possible. Well, God makes a drone seem like a drone doesn’t know a thing.”

Young explains that he first encountered drones while filming a reality TV series. While sitting on the back of a boat, he heard a strange noise and looked up to see a buzzing camera drone belonging to the film crew. “This would be a pretty cool series—drones,” Young says. “Love them or leave them, they’re everywhere. I immediately thought about God.”

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